Olympia in Brief

OLYMPIA Air Travel Ltd. is a privately owned, Helsinki-based, well-established Finnish tour operator. In operation since 1952 (hence the name OLYMPIA, after the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki), we have a long tradition and are currently the market leader in long-haul group travel in Finland. Our travel destinations cover all the continents, including Antarctica. OLYMPIA´s long haul travel packages usually consist of the following elements:

Interesting itinerary
Tours to several countries (2-4 countries, 2-4 days in each city, duration 2-3 weeks). Tours in one country (2-5 stops, 2-3 days in each place, duration 1-2 week). Highlighting local culture and specialities.

High class / upper market hotels
We mainly use deluxe or first class hotels, breakfast always included. Downtown location in city hotels/ resorts in beautiful surroundings.

Small group size
Our normal group size is 15 to 25 pax.

Professional OLYMPIA tour leader / escort
We always include a Finnish speaking tour leader from Finland to escort the group.  Our tour leaders have fairly free hands to arrange possible extra program or solve any "difficulties/misunderstandings" for the benefit of our clients.

Annual turnover: over 15 million USD
Staff: 18 in the office, 25 tour leaders

Operative Management:

Ms. Anne-Marjut Väänänen, Managing Director
Mr. Ari Huuskonen, Director, Tour Production

Board of directors:
Mr. Tuomas Julin (President), Mr. Leo Glad (Vice President)
Ms. Tuuli Julin, Ms. Sari Julin
Senior advisors:
Mr. Heikki Julin, Mr. Matti Julin